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Maybe you're celebrating an anniversary, birthday, or other milestone. Whatever it is, you want it to be the party of the year.

You're wanting to plan a special event at a special venue with a special theme and decor and you need a talented planner to pull everything together.

Whatever your special occasion is, let's do it in style.

detroit michigan  event  planner

Your fabulous event
is waiting for you...

Imagine walking into your event space and your first thought is "everything looks perfect..I can't wait for guests to arrive." That is always the scenario for 21 Jane Events. The flowers are in place, the linens crisp and ironed, and there's an obvious flair and theme to your upcoming event.

THAT's what we're all about.

Our passion is making your special event an experience that will be talked about on social media and remembered for years to come. Our clients wholeheartedly trust us with the big and small things of their event and, because of that, they are able to relax and experience their event through their guests' eyes.

you're probably thinking

that sounds great.

Let us explain how we make it happen

Meticulous Organization

My process is highly organized. As someone with an extensive background in planning a variety of event types, I am impeccably detailed in my planning ensuring we stick to your scheduled timeline and nothing goes amiss.

"They kept the day moving along, everyone was organized and had their marching orders."

Fun Above All

We're all well aware, events can be stressful, but they SHOULD be fun! First and foremost, we understand your event is a celebration meant to enjoy.

"We really bonded with Samantha (we miss her!!!) and loved our experience working with her. "

Driven by Excellence

As a former dancer, perfection has been drilled into my bones. Every moment has a precise purpose at a precise time and I ensure that happens. I strive to cross every "T" and dot every "I" when it comes to your event. 

"She created the most detailed timeline I've ever seen. I never doubted that Sam had things under control."

She is organized, easy to work with, and delivered what we were looking for. She saved us money by lining up great vendors at reasonable prices.

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Let us take the stress away.

It's what we're known for and good at.

If you're all about a stress-free event you can actually enjoy and be a part of, we'd love to chat. Click below to schedule your free consultation.

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