My approach to wedding planning is simple:
to help my couples to not have trendy weddings, but to BE the trendsetters.

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Hi, I'm Samantha!

I began pursuing my own wedding planning journey after spearheading an anniversary gala for a nonprofit women's group I am a part of. Giving back is very important to me and once a member of the group got wind that I had an extensive background in planning and managing events at places like hotels and fine dining restaurants, she asked if I would be interested in planning her wedding. The rest is history!

I love planning weddings because I have a heartfelt desire to serve people and to bring them joy. That coupled with my meticulous organization led me to where I am today. Dance has always been a part of my life and a place I draw inspiration from. I love looking to costumes in addition to interior design and fashion as sources of creativity. A blend of these things are what I believe to be the best tools to make every event thrive. I can't wait until I get to share this experience with you!

I have over seven years planning events at a variety of locations such as a fine dining restaurant, an event venue, a hotel and  private clubs

I like to think of myself as the Carrie Bradshaw of the wedding world. I get the job done, but have fun while doing it.

My collective experience in the events industry has led me to be well-rounded in my skills and prepared for anything. I've encountered many predicaments and have gotten through them seamlessly because I've been trained and had the experience to forge onward. I know it's important to you to find a planner with experience who can plan a detail-oriented wedding in a timely fashion all while being organized so you can enjoy your day. My goal is always for you to be a guest at your wedding.


core values:

A native Detroiter, my great, great Aunt Jane was known as the family socialite. Impeccable attention to detail on just a weekend visit inspired me to build this brand around her. She will always be known for her crystal dish of butterscotch candies, striped glasses for Vernor’s floats and cashews out on the coffee table. An unforgettable family member who embodied timeless elegance that will always be carried on and carried through each 21 Jane event.

You might be wondering why 21 Jane Events when my name is Samantha? The answer is a story about my great-great Aunt Jane.

and fun

 Samantha and team went WAY above what was expected! Having Samantha & team by our side gave us peace of mind on the big day.

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Let us take the stress away.

It's what we're known for and good at.

If you're all about a stress-free wedding you can actually enjoy and be a part of, we'd love to chat!

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